Your website visitors will not automatically invest. 
You need an Investor Funnel that converts.

We build high converting 
Reg CF and REg A Investor funnels

...and yes you still need an investor funnel even if you have a website!




"Investors don't want to be pushed into an invest now button, our experience and data shows that doesn't convert cold traffic into real investors. You have to start by giving your traffic something of value, so you turn that traffic into a lead, and then nurture that lead into a follower, and next into an investor... and last into a loyal advocate and fan" 

Dawson Russell, CEO
Capital Raise Agency

Your Premier Partner in Investor
Funnel Building and Design

Drive Traffic. Convert. Raise Capital.

Investor Funnel building isn’t your job. Seriously, it isn’t. There are a lot more things for you to think about when raising capital. We've helped 50+ funds scale their capital raise by creating high-quality investor funnels that convert.

We have the Investor Funnel Experience.

Our funnel designers and builders have developed their skills over the course of our 16 years in the business. 

Expect a beautifully designed and constructed funnel that will undoubtedly assist you in attracting more leads, increase your investments, and scale your fund.

Customized Investor Funnels With Fast Turnaround.

We understand you have been busy with legal, compliance, technology platforms, managing broker dealers and more. 

Our goal is to make sure your investor funnel is a quick and painless process. Our typical turnaround for your investor funnel is less than 30 days! 

Incredible Design and Creative Content

We guarantee that your funnel will be creative, professional and well designed. Our goal is to make a first impression for investors that will increase conversions! 

Our team ensures that all images and graphic elements successfully and efficiently convey your message!

Experienced Team

You’ll have a team of highly-skilled and experienced investor funnels designers and builders who will work relentlessly to complete the project on time. Plus, you’ll have a dedicated Project Manager who will stick with you from beginning to end.

We Play Well With Others... Our Technology Integrations.

Our Investor Funnels provide the most effective and efficient solutions for all of your technology integrations. 

No matter if you have a full tech stack or if you are just starting out... we can integrate with other providers to make the investor experience and follow up as smooth as possible.

No matter what investor portal you are using, we can integrate the funnel into your CRM or portal to create the best experience for your investors.
Years of Helping Capital raise Issuers From
  • Oil & Gas
  • ​Real Estate
  • ​Cannabis
  • ​Technology
  • ​Crypto
  • ​B2C
  • ​B2B
  • ​Automotive 
  • ​Med Tech
  • ​And More...


Meet the Investor
Funnel Builders

  • 50+ Funds/Capital Raise Clients
  • ​Reg D, Reg CF, & Reg A Experience
  • Founded by 16+ Year Industry Experienced Dawson Russell
  • Strong Capital Raise Strategic Partnership Relationships
  • ​Featured in Forbes, MarketWatch, and more.

Our goal is to help Reg D, Reg CF, and Reg A teams save time and money by providing them with a dedicated team to strategize and build out their investor funnels so they can focus on growing their business and closing out their raise.

Ready to take your capital raise to the next level with highly converting investor funnels?

We Have Partnered with Operation Underground Railroad.

While we work with amazing men and women that are raising millions of dollars every day; we make it a point to give back at every opportunity.

For every investor funnel we build for you, you are also becoming a part of our mission to make this world a better place.

If you have not seen the story of Operation Underground Railroad; it is not an easy one, but it is something that needs to be talked about and changed in our world.

Sample Funnel Roadmap

Still Have Questions?

Don’t Worry. We’re Here to Help You Out!

Will you provide the Copywriting and graphics for my investor funnel?
Absolutely! If you do not have a copywriting yet, or visuals our team will provide it for you.
I do not have a marketing strategy yet. Will you help me out?
Of course! Please schedule a call with us and we’ll be happy to help. 
Do you build investor funnels from scratch?
Yes. All of our investor funnels are customized and are explicitly built from scratch. 
Do you also build investor portals? 
Although we can handle full website build outs, we do not offer investor portal development as we recommend using one of our strategic partners.
I already have a website for my Reg D, Reg CF, or Reg A, can you help me improve it?
Yes. We can help you improve your current website and turn it into an investor funnel for better conversions.
Will I have my own dedicated project manager?
Yes, you will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will communicate with you and oversee the project's success.
Do you also build websites and other marketing materials?
Yes. Schedule a call with our team and let’s talk about it.

If you have other inquiries, you can reach us out through chat or call.
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